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Why Employers Prefer TOK Recruitment Services

Our vast experience in the building and construction industry means we can provide employers with the services they expect when hiring Tradesmen and Labourers

•    TOK Construction supply building industry staff throughout the UK.  Our database is constantly updated to provide you with the best personnel in the right place at the right time.  In South-East England and Greater London, we can supply personnel within  hours.  Requirements further afield are met with similar rapid responses!

•    All personnel hired out by TOK Construction are employed by our company on a PAYE basis.  The attractive terms of employment at TOK Construction have enabled us to retain the same personnel for many years.

•    TOK Construction provide an ISO 9001: 2008 quality assured service.  This helps to ensure best practice is followed in all aspects of our operations – in all departments and at all levels.

•    We work closely with employers with the aim of developing open and honest communications.  As an example, if there was a doubt about being able to supply a particular type of worker, we would say so immediately which then allows you, as the employer, to make other arrangements as required.

•    TOK Construction are committed to client service.  That’s why we’re one of the few UK recruitment agencies to employ Area Managers whose sole responsibility it is to oversee the supply of personnel at site level.  Each site is visited at the beginning of the contract and, subsequently, twice a week and when requested by the Site Agent.

It is the Area Managers’ responsibility to:

•    Liaise with the Site Agent regarding all aspects of the placement such as the personnel requirements, the tasks that are required to be carried out, and any problems that need solving
•    Familiarise themselves with the exact nature of each site and the work to be carried out
•    To get to know the abilities and experience of all TOK personnel
•    Present one timesheet for all personnel to the Site Agent at the start of each week and deliver pay slips to site
•    Be available, on site, to our personnel in order to solve any problem quickly and prevent any disruption in their work

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