Health and Safety

We at TOK take all matters relating to Health & Safety and the welfare of our employees of great importance.

Health and safety is the responsibility of all site personnel and should be the priority consideration for every action we take. Prior to any operation we should think about the safety implications to ourselves, our workmates and the public, whether we are carrying out a simple task, such as unloading a lorry or something evidently more hazardous, such as demolition. All tasks carry risks. Thinking about how we carry out our work will also help us to find the best way of doing it, saving time and energy.

Many risks are not specific to our task but will affect all those on site. If we become aware of a problem take action to remedy it or inform someone who can do so.

The simplest actions can often be of most benefit. For example, keeping a site tidy and free of rubbish goes a long way to preventing trip hazards or the risk of fire.

Our full Health and Safety Policy gives general information to be followed when on site and also outlines some of the specific areas to be considered affecting the task we will be carrying out and can be viewed in detail at our Company Offices.

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